Benefits of Music Therapy

Benefits of Music Therapy

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Music therapy has been used to treat patients suffering from chronic illnesses for millennia. The use of soothing, rhythmic sound is recognized across various cultures as an effective way to ease pain and calm anxiety. However, its benefits have only recently been acknowledged in contemporary western medicine, and this has seen a surge in the use of both at-home and hospice use of the technique. So, what are the benefits of music therapy? And what is the best way for you to gain from it?

Easing the pain: Certain types of music therapy can help ease pain by stimulating the brain to relax the body’s muscles. Although the session may last for only an hour or so, the lasting effect can go on for much longer, sometimes extending to 48 hours or more! This type of treatment is perfect for those who suffer from muscle conditions such as fibromyalgia for example, or hypertension.

A blast from the past: During the early stages of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, music therapy can be used to strengthen synapses by inducing memories, slowing the effects of the disease. This therapy is relatively new, but doctors predict that it may be used as a way of allowing patients in the early stages of the disease to remain at home for longer by slowing the development of symptoms.

Reducing anxiety: People who suffer from anxiety and depression often feel isolated, trapped and lonely, which can lead to feelings of fear and a loss of independence. By using specifically designed songs that slow the heartbeat and relax the body, music therapy helps those suffering from these conditions, allowing sufferers to live a normal and healthy life without the need for invasive medicine or procedures.

Music therapy has changed the way we think about both medicine and music, allowing medical professionals to use non-invasive, alternative procedures to help those suffering from some of life’s worst ailments. The power of music, its soothing qualities, and its familiar sound helps sufferers and promotes a better quality of life.benefits of music therapy for seniors