Choosing the Right Elderly Care Provider in Philadelphia: Tips for Families

Choosing the Right Elderly Care Provider in Philadelphia: Tips for Families

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Caregiving for family is a high-pressure job. You juggle your personal life with the necessity of helping your elder live safely and with dignity. Eventually, you find yourself run down and frustrated. Perhaps it’s time to consider a home care agency in Philadelphia, such as SarahCare. Elderly care in Philadelphia is a growing industry. More seniors want to Age in Place rather than go into a facility with unfamiliar people and surroundings. There is comfort in being at home where they know how to locate everything. 

Choosing the right elderly care provider in Philadelphia may seem like a huge undertaking. You want an agency you can trust and one where you feel like your loved one receives all the care they need to live a happy and independent life to the best extent possible. What are some tips for families that help in navigating this process? 

Start at the Beginning

Word of mouth remains an excellent way to find caregivers. If you know someone who has employed a home care agency in Philadelphia, contact them. They have already gone through the decision-making process and can provide you with TONS of useful information. 

Even with that information at hand, you have a little homework to do. Choosing an elderly care provider means understanding a person’s needs. At first, many seniors need help with activities for daily living. This is basic non-medical care like meal preparation, chores, and transportation.

Make a list of what you hope for in agency care. Review that list and the items about your individual’s needs, and you’re ready to start looking a little closer. By the way, it’s nearly inevitable that you will think of more proverbial moving parts as you move forward in the process.  Keep note of those, too.

Do Companies Have Certification

As you look for the right elderly care providers, check their certification. Pennsylvania has state mandates about licensing. If the agency has Medicaid or Medicare certifications, those work cooperatively with other insurance. Also, agencies are periodically reviewed to ensure compliance.

Depending on the type of insurance available, the agency may need Medicaid or Medicare certification to 

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Website Navigation

There is some correlation between a well-organized website and a well-organized company. If you spend excess time going back and forth to find information, it’s not a good sign. Yes, in some cases, a company may have just had a bad developer, but what you want is an “about us” page that speaks of compassion, professionalism, qualifications, and experience. A one-stop-shop page saves you time and gives you an umbrella look at the firm you may want to interview.

Testimonials and Awards

One of the biggest tips for families looking for elderly care in Philadelphia, or daycare services, is to see if prospective agencies have any awards or special accommodations. These are less subjective than people’s reviews. Also, take the time to read over those testimonials when available.  

People Perspective:

It takes special people to make a successful agency. That’s why SarahCare takes extra time to choose compassionate professionals. We train them, do background checks, and run periodic drug testing. Our people are also bonded and insured for your safety.

We are committed to staying on top of best practices in our industry, including having superior aides. Plus, did you know you can hire someone you know to be a caregiver? You have that opportunity with SarahCare.

Email our Jenkintown, PA office at Or call us at 215l-543-6020 to find out more.