In-Home Safety: How SarahCare Home Care Agency in Philadelphia Ensures a Secure Environment

In-Home Safety: How SarahCare Home Care Agency in Philadelphia Ensures a Secure Environment

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Aging in place is becoming a popular alternative to institutions. What is aging in place? It’s any system by which a person can remain in their home and receive care like the assistance SarahCare provides. Friends and family who act as caregivers often find the task overwhelming. That’s where SarahCare, a home care agency in Philadelphia, comes into the picture. There is no need to leave the house where an individual feels comfortable and safe.

Safety First

In-home safety is paramount to home care agencies. In answering how Philadelphia home care agencies ensure a secure environment, there are certain basics reviewed. First is the condition of the individual. Some people are at greater risk for accidents like slipping and falling. A caregiver’s job is to address safety concerns with your family and create a plan of action. More importantly, assessing a person’s needs isn’t a one-off proposition. Situations and levels of care change.

In-Home Safety 101

You want your loved one cared for in a manner where you don’t worry while you are gone. Safety is a huge part of that mental sense of peace. So how can home care agencies like SarahCare in Philadelphia put at ease? Here are some considerations.

Tips for Senior Home Safety

Emergency Preparedness: A caregiver placed in the home by a Philadelphia home care agency will ask the family for a list of important numbers, including:

  • Cell phones
  • Office phones
  • Who to contact in an emergency (more than one person, just in case)
  • Providers’ telephone numbers and names

It is worth having the family look into Medical Alert services, too.

  1. Fall Risk: Are there slippery surfaces, uneven walkways, or throw rugs that should be moved? If there’s a broken railing, it’s avoided and pointed out for repair. Additionally, as a senior moves around, caregivers provide physical support and observation as needed.
  2. Food Safety: This isn’t just a matter of eating healthy foods. Rather, how long has an item remained at room temperature? Elders often become forgetful when preparing a meal for themselves, leaving items out that can become unconsumable. When in doubt, throw it out! At this juncture, a caregiver sanitizes the space.
  3. Interior Adjustments. What may seem minor to you can impact the safety of a senior easily. Is there good lighting everywhere? Is there a way to move frequently used items off of high shelves? Are pathways clear? Have devices like handlebars been installed where most needed (like showers)? Note: various insurers will cover durable medical equipment in the home if a doctor provides a script. 
  4. Locks: Older adults become crime targets. When a caregiver leaves the home, they carefully check to ensure the windows and doors are locked. This offers the secondary benefit of deterring wandering for those prone to such things. 
  5. Med checks: People forget vital medications all the time. An aide can review medical storage containers to make sure pills are taken, and in a timely manner.
  6. Transportation: While not exactly “in home,” medical appointments, grocery shopping, going to the library – is the individual safe to drive? If they have dementia or vision issues, caregivers can drive from place to place. 

Home Care Agency in Philadelphia

If you’ve come to a place where you need in-home help, our professionals at SarahCare are here to answer your questions. We take our responsibility to create a secure home environment for your loved one very seriously. Additionally, our culture is also one that respects the family role and supports a person’s quality of life. 

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