Promoting Seniors Mental and Physical Well-being: The Benefits of Adult Day Care in Philadelphia

Promoting Seniors Mental and Physical Well-being: The Benefits of Adult Day Care in Philadelphia

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As our loved ones age, they sometimes reach a point of needing assistance – more assistance than you can handle. At SarahCare Home Care, we see this all the time. People come in looking for answers and often feel guilty about trying to find adult daycare in Philadelphia. Yet, keeping individuals happy and safe is a priority. An adult daycare program in Philadelphia, PA, may be the solution you need.

We understand community-based services and have qualified professionals who value an individual’s independence and dignity. But let’s take a step back and examine adult daycare services. 

What is an Adult Day Care Center?

You are working during the day. An adult day care center provides companionship for elders needing assistance while you are away. Need to take a break from it all, just for a bit? Use an adult daycare center.

Socialization is essential for the mental well-being in the aging community. A study at Penn State University shows that having interaction and recreation may improve cognitive ability. An effective adult daycare promotes seniors’ mental and physical well-being while promoting self-esteem through all manner of services, which may include:

  • Meals
  • Recreation
  • Therapeutic services
  • Social services
  • Supervision
  • Activities
  • Evening care
  • Health screenings 
  • Transportation
  • Counseling
  • Exercise
  • Med management

In short, adult day care is a vital service. Caregivers can bring their loved ones to a safe, stimulating place with staff trained to meet individual needs. 

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Individual Impact

There is no question that there are benefits of adult daycare in Philadelphia. Instead of being isolated at home or in a facility, people get out and DO something. The sense of loneliness decreases dramatically. They enjoy the company of other people with similar limitations and yearn for meaningful interaction. In turn, their quality of life improves. 

While people are at adult daycare, they can receive health services focused on their personal needs like occupational therapy. Over time, the individual’s sense of autonomy blossoms. They begin feeling involved in their life’s activities and choices.

Beyond helping a person in need, adult daycare centers act as a respite for caregivers. Some seniors require full-time care. That’s incredibly draining on a family. Caregivers become exhausted and even resentful of the time they lose. So, these people can drop off their loved ones at the adult daycare center, and move on to personal responsibilities without worry. They can return refreshed, which makes for better family relationships.

About SaraCare

If you are near Buck’s County, PA, or Montgomery County, PA, our resources are nearby. SaraCare has provided services to the community since 1985. We are a recognized leader in family-centered care. We treat everyone with respect and focus on personalized care. Our adult care facilities have highly trained, compassionate staff delivering various activities throughout the hours your loved one is there. 

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