The Importance of Personal Home Care in Philadelphia for Seniors

The Importance of Personal Home Care in Philadelphia for Seniors

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When people get older, they may require additional care. They may deal with conditions that make them unable to complete daily tasks. They may suffer from diseases that require medical attention. Relatives may need to choose between checking them into a nursing home or opting for personal home care in Philadelphia.  Most tend to make in-home care their preferred choice.

Why is Personal Home Care in Philadelphia Important?

Increases Senior Independence: Many seniors think in-home care will limit their independence. But it makes them more independent. A caregiver can aid seniors in completing daily tasks. Transportation assistance ensures they can maintain their social lives.

When seniors receive in-home care, they can schedule their days as they see fit. It differs from residential care, which puts seniors on a strict schedule.

Improves Physical Health: Caregivers help seniors maintain a healthy diet. They make sure they exercise each day. They provide medication management services and ensure they get to doctor’s appointments. Most seniors who work with caregivers will see an improvement in their physical health.

Boosts Mental Health: Many seniors deal with anxiety and depression due to failing health, isolation, and loved one’s deaths. Caregivers provide companionship that combats feelings of isolation. They can also take them to classes and friend’s homes so they can interact with others. They can teach them to use social media so they can stay connected via digital platforms.

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Helps with Cognitive Health Issues: Many seniors deal with cognitive health issues that may be due to natural aging or dementia. Caregivers help by keeping their minds active. They engage with their clients and may also offer exercises like reading, writing, puzzles, etc.

Individualized Help with Health Issues: Not all caregivers provide medical services. But they can still offer specialized care for clients with health issues. They can make sure clients follow their diet and exercise treatment recommendations. They can assist with medication management and transportation to doctor visits.

Customized Care: Residential care often takes a cookie-cutter approach. Personal care is customized. Agencies will find the caregiver best suited to the client’s personality and health needs. The one-on-one relationship will bring positive change to the senior’s life.

Cost Effective: Cost is a factor in senior care. In-home care is often cheaper than residential service because you don’t pay for lodging. Caregivers typically work on a schedule rather than 24/7, so they don’t require as much reimbursement.

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